March 24, 2022 @ 8:15 am – 4:00 pm
Via Zoom
$175 member/$190 non-member
  • Check in begins at 8:15am

  • Class starts at 8:30am

  • Instructor: Lisa Meinczinger, SRA, AI-RRS

NEW SEMINAR!!!  Many markets are reporting a housing shortage particularly in the affordable housing sector.  As a result, municipalities are updating their zoning laws to allow one or more accessory dwelling units (ADUs) to be added to single-unit housing. If you are an appraiser involved in residential valuation where ADUs are part of this growing trend, this seminar is for you. It provides an overview on ADUs focusing on the description, legal concerns, valuation methods, and techniques needed to value them. You’ll learn about the valuation challenges and discover how the recent changes in the secondary mortgage market selling guidelines now provide more guidance and flexibility in valuing and financing ADUs. This seminar will help you complete appraisal assignments with ADUs competently. Objectives:

  • Understand the role ADUs play in the housing market.
  • Identify reasons ADUs are commonly added to an existing improvement.
  • Recognize characteristics of the most common buyers and renters of ADUs.
  • Apply the appropriate highest and best use analysis for ADUs as improved properties.
  • Identify the zoning criteria that may limit ADUs.
  • Understand secondary mortgage market appraisal guidelines and government appraisal guidelines and requirements.
  • List data challenges that complicate the assignment.
  • Solve short ADU dilemmas using valuation methods.

Seminars in January – March are being presented virtually via Zoom. YELLOW BOOK IS IN PERSON!  Students must have computer, webcam & microphone capability to participate & receive CE credit. The platform will be interactive and live. The instructor must be able to physically see and interact with all students and students must be able see and interact with the instructor. A copy of your driver’s license must be emailed to the Chapter office as verification after you have registered for the offering prior to the offering start date. You will receive a separate email from the Chapter Office with log-in/access information. You do not need a paid account from ZOOM to participate. If you are using your Ipad/Iphone/smartphone download the ZOOM app prior to offering. Check your webcam privacy settings on your computer. Check state approvals before registering to make sure the states you are licensed have approved the course/seminar & allow Virtual education in place of classroom education.

When you register, either choose to download the materials or have them shipped directly to you. (There are no materials for the January bias seminar; make sure you obtain the ANSI book for the 2/18 seminar.) Make sure you have downloaded class materials PRIOR to class. If you order (and ship) printed materials to you, make sure they arrive 1 week prior to class. Contact the national office if there are any issues at least one week before class.

Any & all cancellations are subject to an admin fee. No credit/refunds for cancellations made on or after 7 days prior to class. No credit/refunds for no-shows. Our cancellation policy is stated on the registration portal. A copy of your driver’s license must be emailed to the Chapter office as verification after you have registered for the offering prior to the offering start date

Contact the chapter with questions regarding participation guidelines: lisamayweiss@hotmail.com