NJ Appraiser Board:
CE Requirements for Biennial Renewal

As a condition of renewal, licensees are required to obtain at least 28 credit hours of approved continuing education for each biennial renewal period subsequent to licensure/certification or 14 hours of continuing education if initially licensed or certified in the first six months of the second year. If initially licensed or certified during the last six months of the second year, no continuing education is required.  Credits may not be carried over to another renewal period. You must retain documentation to verify all claimed CE credits for a period of not less than four years.

As a condition of renewal, licensees must successfully complete the seven-hour National USPAP Update Course, or its equivalent, at a minimum of every two years. Equivalency shall be determined through the AQB Course Approval Program or by an alternate method established by the AQB. Do not send course documentation with this form.

All licensed and certified real estate appraisers shall be required to complete a two hour course on New Jersey law and rules governing the practice of real estate appraising. The course at a minimum shall include: the origin and history of the Real Estate Appraisers Act, the Board composition, scope of practice, mixed practice conflicts of interest, continuing education requirements and criteria, temporary visiting certificates, trainee and supervisor requirements, appraisal reporting and common deficiencies, and the complaint process.